“The mountains are calling and I must go”-John Muir  

Artist Statement/Bio

Alexis Childs is an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.            

She was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1999, and will receive her

Bachelor of Art from the University of Nevada Las

Vegas in the year 2022. Her work contains components of abstract illustrations and stylized representations of nature.

These manifestations depict the natural world through

a more abstract lense. She also experiments with

pushing the boundaries of artistry with the use of

different mediums. She uses her work to empower

female artists and illustrate the beauty of the

natural and spiritual world.

Her work encompasses the aesthetics of nature and how it connects to the human emotion. Drawing inspiration from trees, flowers, and landscape scenes, she seeks to produce a sense of awareness for the delicacy and beauty of the natural world. Humans and the organic world are similar in that we are both malleable, delicate, and exquisite entities. Her paintings demonstrate a more representational form in their aesthetic and portray the connection between human emotions and the natural realm. The paintings produced are mainly composed of acrylic and watercolor paint; however, Painting is a type of mediation, whether it be through the color palette choice, the brush strokes, or the intention or purpose of the work. 

Her mission is to explore the ways the society can conserve the beauty, resources of the earth instead of destroying it. She is exploring the idea of incorporating humans in nature or humans a part of nature to convey the message that we should not destroy the creation that was bestowed upon us. Her work will eventually include installations that will be placed inside modern buildings to introduce nature back into our space. Interior Design and art are very similar in that they invite a sense of artistry and creativity to a once dull or empty space. Her work will bring a little piece of happiness to every space that my artwork resides. A house does not become a home until the people and the space are one. With that, my ultimate pursuit is to provide a space for nature in our everyday lives. 


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